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  1. I have a 4" leg vise with a stamp of Warren OH, there is some other stuff but I cant make it out. Anyone have any idea who produced this vise?
  2. 2" of kaowool I did a little math and I have to much volume and not enough burners. So I am thinking I will make another burner and redo the forge with castable refractory.
  3. I will try putting a couple brinks in the chamber take up some space.
  4. I like this Idea the best. now just to get enough cash for the building, I might work a power hammer in the building cost to present to the boss for final approval.
  5. I am trying to make a forge weld in my propane forge, I can do it on a small area for a fire proker, but I tried to make a basket for a handle, and I could not get it. I finally heated it up with a torch and did it. Is my forge not hot enough, did I not do it right? I am using borax for flux. Any advise is welcome. Nick
  6. I am a Realtor and work for a mortgage lender, teach Cave diving, and handyman stuff. If anyone in FL needs to move refi or buy a second home let me know. :D
  7. What do you mean off road? my hummer is so I can get around town safely, I try to use bio diesel.... I was working for a real estate office a couple years ago. I asked about recycling paper. the owner told me he let God sort it out. it is very sad the amount of wast that goes on in this country, hey at least if I am questioned about my found treasures I can say I am starting a Recycling shop.
  8. Well, if I bring to much more xxxx home the little lady might just kick me out. The pattle is in The backyard blacksmith. it has a few different sized holes drilled in it.
  9. I never thought I would be so happy to dive into a dumpster. Today I went buy a metal shop, they didnt have what I needed. I asked the owner about scrap, he said sure there is a dumpster out back you can have what ever is in there. I found some great stuff. 1/2 steel plate and all kinds of short angle iron, and but I made a pritcher pattle out of one of the 1/2" steel plates
  10. Does anyone have know how long one should wait before using acetylene after it was laid on its side overnight? I was told 24hrs
  11. Check with Air Gas, I have a friend that works for them, in tallahassee, he says they dont worry about the hydro and all that, they swap the bottle out. I have no affiliation with Airgas. good luck.
  12. You can get the tanks re tested. They must be hydrostaticly tested every so many years, for scuba tanks it five. I dont know what for bigger bottles. That would be one really expensive bell.
  13. For the gas look up Air gas, or Air products. I dont know they merge every other week. try welding supply you can rent a bottle or buy them and swap them out. As far as torches go I was given a $100 harbour frieght set that seems to work. I am going to pick up an acetylene bottle and T bottle of N2 from a guy who no longer needs them. its a big bottle too. if you where close to FL I would give you the N2 bottle, it could probably swaped for a o2 bottle.