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Good to have you here with us. Quite a few members here are in the area. Take a minute and add your location to your profile so we always remember where you are at.


Philly's got a lot of great iron work to look at. Plenty of Yellin stuff in the city and if you ever get the chance to make it outside the city to Bryn Athyn in Mont. Co, I highly recommend it. Both the Cathedral and Glen Cairn have tones of great metalwork that's probably some of the best in the nation. The college at Bryn Athyn also does week long blacksmithing workshops in July that I'd highly recommend. You might also look into Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmiths Assn. Meetings are a bit out there, but not too far away depending on where the meeting is at.

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Welcome, depending on how far you wish to drive, some guilds that may be within driving distance include:
- Philadelphia Blacksmiths Guild https://sites.google.com/site/stuarttheblacksmith/home/hammertymephilly-the-philadelpia-blacksmiths-guild

- Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmith Guild: http://www.pabasite.org/

- Pittsburgh Area Artist Blacksmiths Association: http://www.paaba.net/

- New Jersey Blacksmith Association: ?website?

- Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild http://cvbg.org/
- Blacksmith Guild of the Potomac http://www.bgop.org/
- Mid-Atlantic Smiths Association http://www.masasmiths.org/
- Tidewater Blacksmith Guild http://tidewaterblac....com/index.html

- Chesapeake Forge Guild meets at the Kinder Farm Park in Millersville http://www.chesapeakeforge.org/

For a more complete list visit: http://www.abana-chapter.com/

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