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Canadian Blower & Forge handcranked blower


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hey guys just bought this little hand cranked blower here for my forge just wondering if any of you guys here have restored one of these before and if there any good enough for welding temps on a drum forge anyways here it is and for all of you who have one dont hesitate to post some pics thanks



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That's exactly the same one that I have!

The wood handle broke apart, not a big deal, but the worst part is the grinding sound that happens when I crank it around. If it gets up to a certain speed it just sounds like the gears are slipping. Seeing as it doesn't do it all the time, I think what's happening s one or more of the fibre washers that separate the cogs are completely destroyed/missing.

Then when it rotates enough, they move slightly out of sync and do something loud and obnoxious until it pops back into place.

I have to get a puller so I can get the handle off so that I can take the gear box section apart. The other part was simple enough to get apart and clean up.

Mine sat outside on a farmers treeline for 40+ years, so the forge it was attached to rusted through where this was bolted onto the bottom of the forge itself. If you need a photo of the arm, let me know and I can get you pictures in case you want to re-create it.

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so here it is fully rebuilt and cleaned! i took it appart and removed all rust and grime inside and out, then i greased the shafts and inserts and rebuilt it.once rebuilt i painted it a nice metallic green and finished it with a new handle wich i finished in gunstck oil, its not perfect but sure looks better than it did day 1 ;) and works great!



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1 hour ago, Dylan Sawicki said:

Wow that's a really nice forge blower! Now I want to paint mine.


thanks bud i put some time on it 2 years ago when i was supposed to build my forge its all cleaned up and rebuilt inside i cant wait to use it now :)

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