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Twist jaw tongs

Crazy Ivan

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I have been seeing more and more tongs made from flat stock fullered and forged out and then twisting the bit lately. I like this method well enough but I noticed that most folks do not bother to forge out the twist between the boss and the big. IMO it is ugly and it also makes me wonder if it affects the strength of the jaw over time (any twisting or bending over time while in use?). Im also thinking if you leave the twist in, it could cause the boss to bind in some cases. This may not be the case but either way, I'm wondering who here forges the twist square (as you would for a penny scroll) after the twist and who leaves the twist visible. What are yalls thoughts/preferences?

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Ivan, I've made several of the Dempsey Twist tongs.  Some I've left with the twist and others I've filed the twist edges off.  Doesn't seem to make a difference.  Filing the twist off does make them look a bit nicer, but that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ;)

One thing I noticed about the twist tongs is that I did it at a yellow heat and didn't just jerk the twist around quickly.  Lower heat and a very quick twist left miniscule cracks in one or two of them.

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Fileing wasn't something I had thought of. I have always fullered slighly less than my intended finished depth, then when it came time to twist the jaw, I would forge the twist out. A quick draw filing would take off any high spots on the boss, rivet, adjust and done. I have never bought tong blanks before though and always make them myself. I try and do most of my work with a hammer as I despise finish work like filing, grinding, etc. 

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