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Rigidizer and ITC-100 ?

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Woo Hoo the rigidizer and ITC-100 are here, but they came with no instructions.

Do I just brush the rigidizer on the surface, put multiple coats on or do I try to saturate it in one go?  I know I have to let it cure but is it a quick cure or should I wait  several days?

For the ITC-100, do I cover the brick floor as well as the sides, or just the walls and roof?  How thick do I aim for?  Do I need to aid the curing with heat or just let it air dry?

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The rigidizer will soak in then set up so it is usually done in 1 application. You will neet to wait a day or so for it to dry then you can cure it by starting the forge up for a few minutes, let it cool down, repeat a couple times, to make sure its cured

I put the ITC-100 on the whole interior of the forge. Keep it well mixed while applying the same drying procedure.

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Spray the material to be coated with water, don't drench it just wet it. this prevents the rigidizer or ITC from drying on contact and flaking later on.

Spray or brush the rigidizer on uniformly, no don't saturate it it doesn't make it better just more expensive. Dry well, a light bulb inside speeds things nicely if you live where it's very humid.

Apply the ITC-100 the same way, pre-wet and spray or brush on a coat. Yes, coat everything in the forge. Let it dry thoroughly, bulb if necessary and cure.

Frosty The Lucky.

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