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I Forge Iron
Young and Dumb

Hi everyone

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So the guy who picks up our scrap metal at work needed some lights put on his trailer. I helped him out and noticed he had some steel drums. I asked him where I might be able to get one and he gave me one for free! Karma was good to me today :)

@Frosty that sounds like a fine trail rig you have there lol. Is that how you normally forge?

I try to practice the principals of KISS but end up overthinking most the time. It's a curse with everything I do.


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that was frosty beating on a piece of metal? I thought it was chuck norris:P

I used to hear that pretty often Dick. I even met him once, he and Bruce Lee came by the Dojo looking for extras for the movie they did together but most of us didn't fit the bill. Well, met is a stretch, we bowed when they entered the mats and stood silently while they looked us over and talked to Sensei. I was probably 17.

Years later I was confused for Chuck pretty often even asked for autographs a few times. I haven't look like him in a long time that pic was 19 years ago.

Frosty The Lucky.


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