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Forge blower air gate position


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Hi guys,

First post here but I've been getting lots of inspiration from you all recently!

I'm currently in the process of building my coal forge and hope to have it completed tonight. I'll post a build report later, I think you'll like it...

Anyway, I have a quick question for you - I am looking to attach my blower to the inlet pipe on my tuyere. It has a square outlet around 3 1/2 ". My fabricated inlet pipe is 3" square. I have also fabricated an air gate with a 3" square opening which will be operated from the side, forming a more or less rectangular opening depending on the position.

My question is - should I mount the blower directly to the air gate, which will then be welded onto the tuyere inlet pipe or should I fab up a reducing cone with the air gate further down in line from the blower?

Although it would be easier to mount the blower directly, my concern is that the air gate positioned directly at the blower outlet would interfere with the air flow and lead to inefficiency in the air flow.

I'm probably over thinking it I know, but I have a choice to make and plenty of 3mm sheet for fabrication, so I'd rather get it right now than have to correct later...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


P.S. apologies for the craps pictures, the camera on my phone make whacky colours...




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If it were me I would make a reducer to make sure you get the full blast if you wanted/needed it. Less back pressure too. Sure the restricting plate would cause some anyway which I wouldn't think would hurt but it's just my opinion. There are different methods that would all work fine. I'm sure someone else would know better then me. 

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