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I Forge Iron

Small gifts

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You could make the crucifixes that are on here or how about Lucky Horse shoe key fobs? Check Anvilfire.com Iforge section for the BP, the belt buckle is a great idea too.
Never made an acorn myself but I could think of a few ways. From one piece of steel I'd say start with round bar, then a side set chisel (butcher?) in a guillotene tool (think making a tenon but don't draw the tenon down). You can then upset the bar back into the lip (remember the lip of the 'tenon' doesn't have to be big, you only need that line that differentiates the acorn from the cup) which will also bulge the rod into a more rounded profile. Draw from the back of the lip down to a stem. On the other end you need to forge it into the shape of the acorn tip. Hope this makes some sort of sense.
There's probably a dead easy way but that's what popped into my head

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Acorns: I would just modify the Bill Epps chili pepper method that uses the black iron pipe. Shorten it up without as much taper, would look like an acorn. I would think 1/2" pipe would make a nice little acorn. After its formed, use a dremel or file to put on the texture for the cap.

-aaron c.

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