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I Forge Iron

Hi from mid missouri.

flat creek

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I been meaning to tell you that I stopped by Sid Sudemier's last summer and he had a hydraulic shrinker identical to the one you got from me sitting outside among the power hammers on his parking lot. Of course it wasn't in as good a shape as yours.;)

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Glad to see your post!

Trust you are doing well!

I just joined recently as well. I have been ill and off work for 9 months so I have more time to read and particpate. I trust to begin telecomuting for about 4 hours per day beginning any day now. Computer connectivity and security is always a fun issue.....


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Welcome flatcreek

If any of you mid-MO folks are going to Pat's on New Year's Day tell him I said howdy and will see him in Sedalia in May.


I will probably head down that way on New Year's Day unless the weather turns bad. I'll pass your howdy on to him.
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Thank you BT. One of these years I am gonna sneak down there and surprise Pat and all on New Year's . I love turning up unexpected at places far away from home. Don't tell him that it's a secret!

Ruben-I figured that was you. Good to see you here on ifi. Sorry to hear you have had health problems. Hope to see you in March. Take care.

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Flat Creek, welcome from Southeast Iowa. I'm glad you made it here. I am also glad to see that you know Ruben and BT. Some of the folks here I have met over the years. One of these days I'm gonna get out of this cave I live in and make a trip down to a BAM event. This watering hole is a nice place to be.

Steve ( Ten Hammers ) O'Grady

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