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fabricated hawk

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I had some down time at work so I tried something I've been thinking about. The body is from 2x3/8 A36 strap, I folded the strap around a rod and TIG welded the joint. The cutting edge is TIG using needles from an air scaler for the filler rod till it was 3/8 thick and 3/8 high. After that I hammered the blade out and finished shaping with a torch and grinder. The texture was done with the scaler and brushed. The handle is an old sledge handle, at first I just burnt the handle a bit for looks and I didn't like it so I painted it black then sanded clean to show the grain. I haven't decided if I'm going to do more or just leave it as is. I'm also thinking about doing a matching blade. It sure as heck isn't the Norse but I like it.






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It was a bit of a guess because I wasn't sure how the welding would effect the blade so I heated to a bright orange and quenched in hydraulic fluid ( I know its not the healthiest but this was all done at work on free time so I'm kinda limited) For the temper I brought it to a purple/blue and that seems to have worked well. The edge will still cut with a mill file but doesn't dull splitting 4x4's ;). Just since Charles asked I'm going to make a matching seax, it'll be the first one I've done so we'll see how it turns out. I think I am going to try the welding method on some tools to test and see how well it really works. I would really like to get more feedback from everyone on welding the bit this way, if anyone has tried it and how it worked for them, or maybe I'm just a silly welder thinking crazy stuff:unsure:.

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Functionally, your method is similar to someone who tacks weld joints on ornamental work with a MIG and then completes them with forge welding technique.  I personally see nothing wrong with either - whatever constitutes the best means to the end should take precedence.

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