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Bull Nose Lathe Center Made


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I always am turning a chunk of pipe or something with a big hole in it and needed a bull nose center. I don't like to buy anything i can make so i made one with 2 bearings from the farm store and a couple chunks of steel. First i turned an arbor with a #2MT on it then turned it to fit the bearing bore. Then i turned the nose taper then bored the hole for the bearing OD. Works great on a chunk of rusty 2" black pipe. And it was only 20 bucks and some time...Bob









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Neat project! I could use one of those for my HF Mini. I'm just not sure I could get the taper accurate enough. Can you buy tapers somewhere to use as a starter for projects like this?? I supposed, on the other hand, by T&E, I could get the taper right. It would just take longer and that fits right in to my POA as a rule :D

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