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Any pictures for a table for this forge pot?


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I just purchased this forge pot, however the sides are not in equal height where it meets the table. Any pictures of a similar one so I can build a proper table that not only works well but looks good too.






view is looking down at the side of the forge pot......







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No pix, but it's pretty simple to do. Cut a hole in some sheet- 10 ga or whatever you'll use for the table, so that the pot drops in and the lips on the left and right are holding it in place. They will be above the table. Then just weld on a few pieces of angle underneath to close up the ends. Eezy-peezy.



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take a look here and around the site:



it looks like a centaur forge pot or the buffalo it was modeled after. They use the upper lip to hang the pot in the forge bed but you need angle iron to seal up the end. You can also cut a smaller hole in the bed and have the pot sit on the lower lips.



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