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my first post vise mount


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ok so since i was forbidden to responding to my other topic i guess i will make a new one

so i got it all cleaned up and mounted and it turns out after using it you guys were correct, the little bit missing form the jaw isnt an issue, the only problem im having ATM is that the jaws arnt lining up, i believe this to be caused by the bolt holding the two halves together being the wrong size. im not quite sure how to fix this beside to forge a pin (or find a bolt) that is the right size. if anyone has a better idea on how to fix the misaligned jaws id love to hear it :D

as for mounting, once i figure out where and how high i want it im going to pour some concrete and make a slab for it. only question regarding the slab is how deep should it be?



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Put it in the forge if you have to dig a pit, bring it to high red or low orange heat and with the jaws just shy of touching use a sledge hammer to drive the high one level. THEN tighten them together till they match. Let it cool in still air.

Frosty The Lucky.

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so i did a bit of forging tonight and made a new pin to hold the jaws together. its a tight fit and got the jaws within a 16th of each other so im content. the last 16th is just from wear on the working arm. the pin is tight enough that it doesnt rotate so im hoping that it wont back out, but JIC i punched a hole for a cotter pin. i have a piece of small barstock in the hole ATM.

Im hoping that this repair will last a long while, so now all thats left is to get it off those 4x4s since it feels too high, mainly had them their because it was too tippy side to side, i heard bolting to concrete tends to fix that.


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