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Good deal or not


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I had a chance and took it bought a Buffalo Heavy duty Vulcan Tuyere 14 in the original pan, original stand, with a #700 blower, also in the deal was a Champion #400 blower on a 3 legged stand, this stood me $100.00. Later this week I'm getting a Peter Wright anvil weighs about 100+ pounds this will cost me $175.00, top edges are a little rounded over but no big chips out of it, and it rings like a bell.

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Welcome aboard Duckman, glad to have you.

Sound like good scores to me but pictures would help. Rounded edges on anvils are proper there really isn't any practical use for sharp edges. They are in fact BAD if you set shoulders and if you don't you aren't smithing.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Sounds like a good deal. 

I have about the same forge as you. around here used without a blower they are 1200.00 on craigslist. Don't know if they sell or not at that price, that is the starting/asking price.

Anvil is a good score to at that price. 

Over the winter I got a buffalo forge and blower from a board member here. We traded, I built him a office at his shop and got the forge and blower in return.

SO, if you go by my price used in the area it was a 1200.00 blower. that means I made 75.00 hour to build the office. 

I would do like others mentioned and S hook it or straight round stock for a grate and be done with it. 

And yes fire brick it or use that smear on furnace cement. 


In other words at those prices I think ya done real good.



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