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I Forge Iron

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So I have built the forge. well mostly. I am using 2" wool sourced locally and applied the ITC-100, drying time.. two days!! in texas?.. i have my doubts in that. The way the weather is going round these part, it might fire its self.  


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So it dried for a few days in the Texas heat/sun.

I put the burner in place and started using it.


The pipe is 8" long. I am using 3/4 pipe, 3/4 T connector and a .35 mig tip.  The inside of the forge is around 200-250 ish cubic inches.

I have been running at around 5 - 7 PSI but can go much higher. I have formed a cone out of the wool where the burner enters the chamber.

Its 2" ceramic wool with a ITC-100 coating and a solid firebrick (also ITC-100 coated) that I can replace easily. 



Here are some pictures.

Any input on tuning the burner would be great.

the blue hue'ed pictures are right at startup

the red/orange is after its been running for a few minutes.






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Thanks for tipping me you have it running I don't know why it didn't show up or maybe I just missed it.

Anyway what questions do you have about tuning it? It's hard to tell what shade blue the flame is on start up. Taking a couple minutes to warm up and stabilize completely is pretty normal.

How hot does it get after 15-20 minutes? The hard brick floor will suck up some heat till it warms up. Is that a split brick floor? If it's a full brick it's going to really suck up heat and fuel. I use split brick on kaowool or insulating castable refractory.

Once it's up to temp shoot a pic sideways across the door so we can see what color the dragon's breath is once it's HOT.

Frosty The Lucky.

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