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First try with cable


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One of my oilfield customers brought me some 3/4" wire rope and I finally worked my nerve up to try and forge weld it.  After 2 years of heating and beating and reading this sight pretty much daily I must say making the billet was easier that I expected and that doesn't happen very often.:D

One observation I can make is 1 linear inch of 3/4" cable does not make near as much solid billet as it looks like it will!


I forge a billet from cable appx  1/2"x1/4"x12", 

cut it into 3 pieces,

sanded, stacked, tacked, fluxed, forge welded,

and forges back to 1/2" x 1/4" x 12" 

I repeated this process again, only I turned the billet 90Dgr. after forge welding it and drew it out to appx 1"x 1/4" x 5".  At that point I thought I might want to try and make a knife out of this.



I free hand filed it into shape and sanded it down from 80 grit to 600 grit while it as in a annealed state.

I etched it in a solution of hot vinegar and salt (thank you ThomasPowers) for 18hrs

I brought it above non magnetic temp and let it air cool to black heat 3 times then quenched it in ATF.


I heated the spine until the colors ran to blue on the cutting edge, then buffed it with a Scotchbrite belt on a belt sander

The waves on the cutting edge came from me being careless with tongs during the heat treating process


Thanks IFI



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