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First try at a small axe

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Well how about that  only the pictures posted... 

Anyways here goes again,  the body is a piece of A36 3/4 sq by maybe 8"long  the bit is a piece of cable Damascus.  Cutting edge is right at 3" and  the poll to edge is 3 3/4".  The weld down the body didn't take as nice as I had though,  but the bit glued itself in rather well.  Next time I'll have to work the edge less so more of the bit is exposed on the final grind so the cable pattern has a chance to show.  Need a little bit larger starting stock as it's a little small for what I was after, that and a small poll would be nice.   

the drift started out as a 15/16" ubolt of one of the trucks that needed a broken spring changed out.

Lots of pictures are missing in all the axe threads,  I remember all sorts of really good wip's.  Be nice to reference them again.

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Found a little better piece of scrap in my pile,  a strip of what I assume is A36 3/8 thick x 1 1/2",  and used a strip of leaf spring for the bit.  Most of the bit welded in really nice.  A little patch on the one side by the heel didn't take as well as it was supposed to but I'm learning...   Made two rail spike tomahawks for the cousins little boy,  he really like my first axe, but Mom didn't want anything sharp for him yet.  So they are safely blunted for now.   He just has to pick the one he wants.  Rather happy with the size and weight  on the latest one.  Much closer to what I was after.DSC02162.thumb.JPG.c4834bcf8bdfb195af66eDSC02163.thumb.JPG.5ba1c60e8c35f25ee16c7DSC02164.thumb.JPG.d534621a8e264fcfd3d52

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