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SAD, SAD powerhammer history

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I'm in a mourning mood and a "want to hit something" mood at the same time. 3-4 years ago I saw two Kuhn hammers for sale on internet, here, in Romania (unique event). the prices were +5000euros the piece. not long time ago I saw one of them advertised for 2500euros negotiable. so I thought to phone to the seller just for the conversation (but who knows...) and asking about the hammer and he told me that he gave it two months ago... to the scrap yard. he told me that were several people interested, but he didn't succeed to sell it, and eventually he had to clear the space... the hammer was in just "plug and play" condition...

at least I saved the photo of it :)


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no, it was in another town ~300km away, where are several scrapyards, I suppose. and it was scrapped more than two months ago, small chances to find something.

Once I saw a hammer just in the moment when it was charged on the truck to be scrapped, a hammer in great condition, it was a hammer belonging to a tech univesity, a hammer used just for demonstrations working like a clock, "out of the box" look. unfortunately too big for me - 150kg ram weight.

once I bought a 100kg ram hammer for less than scrap price, great condition too, from a mill's maintenance shop - I had the anvil stolen (!) and my ex associate scrapped the rest of it.

but, fortunately, I bought another one, a 63kg ram, for the scrap price. almost Identical story as the first sad one - I knew that hammer for more than ten years, never installed, then the guy asking 1500 euros for it, then, eventually, offering me for the scrap price to get rid of it... now it's the hardest part - figuring how to install it...

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