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Reworked Brake Drum Forge


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I've been planning for a while now to rework my brake drum forge. The drum I used is off an old house trailer and has a 13 1/2" inner diameter and a depth of 3 1/2" it just burned too much coal. It helped after a while that I had built up a good bit of coal ash and such filling in thecorners and making it more of a bowk, but it still was too spread out for my liking. I had been given most of a bag of PacoCast 28 li castable refractory and had been planning to use it to make a more restricted and slope sided firepot. Well Friday I gave half of the refractory to a young guy I met who works at the local Walgreen's that is getting into smithing so he could use it to help him get a better forge going than what he described to me. (I've also recommended ifi to him several times.)

Anyway, I went ahead yesterday (Saturday) and mixed up some refractory and did what you see in the pic. The top is about 7" x 7" and has about a 50º slope down to about 4" × 4" at the bottom. 

Did I mess up doing this? What's you guys' opinion?

I've already built a small propane forge and do believe my next one will probably be a welded firepot side blast.

Lined forge.jpg

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