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Anyone here ever used petroleum coke in a coal forge?

A friend who works on the towboats/barges on the Ohio River brought me a 2 gallon plastic bag of petroleum coke, presumably off one of the barges, to try out.   I checked the specs on petcoke and it can be higher than bituminous coal in BTU values, higher in sulphur, maybe lower in ash, and some other info.  Just wondering if anyone had used it much and what the results were.

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Yes. We used petcoke in forges when Brian Brazeal was holding a clinic here. Keeping it lit was the normal hassle unlike breeze. It seemed to work fine. Maybe if Brian is reading along he'll comment. I'm mostly a gas forge guy so my opinion on the difference between coal, commercial coke, forge coke (breeze) charcoal, a camp fire, etc. is suspect.

Frosty The Lucky.

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