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I Forge Iron

Coal Type?

Kenny O

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Howdy' my first post. :)

I was given a 30 gal bucket of coal, rather large chunks 5-10 #'s each.
I have not used coal before, I have a propane forge (from M. Porters book).

The question is...

Might this coal be the wrong coal for a forge?

And how can I tell?

Do I just smash it up and burn it?

I'm in So. Or. and there are no mines near here, it was most likely used to heat a home. It was removed from an old abandoned house.

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I have used such coal myself with success. I do find that it tends to be a bit on the sulfury (yeah,, it's a real word,,) side, but it will coke up and work ok. I too have literally 2 tons of coal from a home and it works fine. The only other drawback that I run into is that its has about 50 years of dust and dirt in it,, so it can stink a bit.
Since you have bigger lumps, just break them up. I use a piece of 1 inch bar and bash it up in a sturdy bucket.

Good luck

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Ditto to Phil.

That's what I started with. I found that I was spending a lot of time breaking coal, but it was free, and it would definitely make heat.

The biggest difference is in the coking process. The good stuff cokes pretty quick with only moderate smoke, while some of the heating grade stuff smokes like burning old tires.

It'll do fine in a pinch, and the price is right.


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