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# 9 Fisher Anvil

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I came across this ad in our local newspaper:



Patented 1877

$200 Firm.


That's all the ad said no weight was listed. I will call them tomorrow and see if I can take a look at it.

Don't want to call today being Easter Sunday. 

So my question is what does the number 9 mean. Does it tell us anything about the anvil as far as style or weight.

I did try to find info on the web but came up with nothing. Any info would be appreciated that way I can be somewhat informed

when I go to look at it . That's if it's not sold already.


Thanks Steve,


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If you don't call, someone else will, and may end up with it......

I have never seen a Fisher marked that way, all I have ever seen is pounds. It could be 9 pounds.  NJanvilman on here runs the Fisher museum, check out his information on them.

Just noticed that this is my 2,400th posting.

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The 9 would indicate the anvil is 90 lb.   It might be marked on the leg, or a larger number under the horn.  As it has the 1877 patent date cast into it, I am guessing it is an 1880's vintage Fisher, and probably has the small square logo inset into the face of the anvil.

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