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wide flange beam suppliers

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First timer - got an RFQ from a client in Central America for Wide Flange Beams:

W8 x 31 (31Lb/ft) - 40' beam - Qty: 20

W8 x 28 (28Lb/ft) - 40' beam - Qty: 30

W6 x 16 (16Lb/ft) - 40' beam - Qty: 50

Can someone direct me to the right place to get the best price and delivery time?


Miguel Gonzalez
Valvexport, Inc.

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A quick Google search shows
about 116,000 for W8 x 31 beam
about 125,000 for W8 x 28 beam
about 81,600 for W6 x 16 beam
As to the right place, and right price, and fastest delivery, you will need to contact the specific companies that handle that product.

A local steel yard may be able to order the beam for you. If not Cole Industries seems to list all 3 beams and is located in California. They are mentioned only because they were first on the search list.

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