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hello guys, i am a metal worker in long island, NY.  crows wing armory. i had an old p.o.s cast anvil and it kinda crapped out. so now im looking for a power hammer. both so i can get in more commisions in and out and because a forged anvil is just a bit out of my price range. i have found a range of power hammers that may be too good to be true. so i am asking if anyone has come across a liushi power hammer. i found them on alibaba wholsale website. they do ship individually tho. so im trying to find out if anyone has and any experience with them. if there good for the cash or total crap.C41-16kg-blacksmith-power-hammer_1753405

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Raven, you have to be very careful with this.  The quality control of different factories can vary a lot.  Some have CNC machining and are making precision hammers with thousands of employees (like Anyang).  Most of the other manufacturers are small companies that may be in business a few years from now or may not be in business.  Several years ago, there was a company in that imported hammers from Shan XI (probably not the right spelling) and they were re-branded Striker hammers.   They sold quite a few of them in the US and then the distributor quit and the factory quit making the hammers.  They even destroyed the patterns as I understand it.  Today, you cannot get replacement parts for these hammers (unless you find someone to make them).  I don't know your age, but years ago, there was a car company YuGo (again probably not the right spelling) but they were imported from Yugoslavia, They were cheap and started to establish a dealer network in the US.  The quality was substandard and the dealers quit selling them and today, you can't find parts (easily).  The other thing you need to think about is support if you have a problem with the hammer.  It is difficult at best to communicate, get advice, and get parts from a factory in China.  The other thing is do not forget import fees, broker fees, and transportation.  That has to be added to the price of the product.  In a prior life, I imported a lot of product from China and you have to be very careful and know who you are dealing with.  I am not saying these are bad hammers.  I don't know.  All I am saying is buyer beware. 

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Wow....those are cheap.

I know very little about power hammers and nothing about the ones you listed so I am not going to weigh in on that subject. I just ordered a new power hammer and it isn't here yet so maybe I'll have an opinion later.

From your original post you say that your anvil crapped out? Does that mean that it is unusable?

This is just my way of thinking but I would not view my new hammer when it arrives as a replacement for my anvil........more of a supplement to the heavy work that I use to do on the anvil.

Not sure what you are making.......maybe you won't need it.......but mine is indispensable.

If I had to chose between a decent anvil and a power hammer.....the anvil would win every time.

Just my opinion.....take it for what its worth.



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Import Tax in the USA for forging hammers is 4.4%. The HTS number is 8462.10.00 and you have to file an ISF at least 3 days prior to the hammer being loaded onto the ship otherwise you can be fined up to $5000. I found a broker to handle it for me and it was $95 for the broker fee, $50 for the Customs bond, and $50 for the ISF bond. Transit from China to longbeach is around 17 to 19 days. Then the waiting for the longshoremen as well. Then a consolidator takes the container and opens it up at a warehouse and contacts either you or the broker. Once customs is passed you can pick it up from the consolidator. On Alibaba Liushi is listed as a trading company with 5 - 10 employees so I am not sure if it is an actual manufacturer. Alibaba has trade assurance for different amounts depending upon the seller and make sure it is more than the purchase price. They also have an inspection service to ensure that it meets the quality level specified in the contract that you approve in order to place the order through alibaba. So the seller drafts the contract and you review and either approve or request modifications to it. Even if you get a power hammer you still need an anvil which I would suggest the Ridgid Anvil from toolup daught com

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I have purchased power hammers from Manufacturers other than Anyang in China.

Quality was a disgrace. A very expensive lesson for me, as I had to make them work, which was a challenge and very expensive (and I know a bit about them). Hammers just did not work properly (barely worked at all, and a couple of them didn't)

I know of someone else in the UK who directly imported a couple of very inexpensive C-41's several years ago. They barely worked. Every year or so I get a phone call about one of them that has been sold, or given away. They are like herpes, they pop up and aren't very welcome when they do!

I'm not naming the manufacturers of the hammers I have purchased - They were expensive lessons and I paid for them, and am not going to give the information away ( I pay my bills through forging equipment sales and repairs)

Ive still a C-41-40 sat at the end of my shop. One day, if I can summon the strength I will photo / video document it. If I don't weigh it in before hand.

Any of the smiths I know in the UK are welcome to pop in for a brew, and have a look at the thing and independently verify I am not elaborating on the truth as I sell Anyang hammers.

There are possibly other good manufacturers of C-41's in China. You pays your money and take your chance.

I would be very surprised if the inspection service mentioned above gave any indication as to the engineered quality of the hammer. 


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Liushi machinery is a trading company. I would have been a little cautious to purchase from a trading company, because they maybe have little knowledge about the product they are selling. 

It is better to buy directly from the manufacturers or from a local dealer.  QC in China is a problem and if you are new to power hammers ,this is a very good reason to contact a local distributor. After service and easy access to the dies etc means a lot.









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