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  1. Liushi machinery is a trading company. I would have been a little cautious to purchase from a trading company, because they maybe have little knowledge about the product they are selling. It is better to buy directly from the manufacturers or from a local dealer. QC in China is a problem and if you are new to power hammers ,this is a very good reason to contact a local distributor. After service and easy access to the dies etc means a lot.
  2. It is important to think carefully about what you should use hammers for and also try to look ahead. Typical is that after a few years use the machine you first bought or built is insufficient or is inefficient in some way. You mention a 40 kg hammer and I agree it is a good alround size. It can forge steel up to 2 inches great. Its ofcourse possible to get bigger pieces between the dies, but the effect is not so big and it takes longer time . I have considered building a hammer, but since I started early with air hammer, I was afraid that the result would not be usefull enough. It also cost much with all steel and parts needed for a build here in Norway. So the first hammer I bought was Anyang 15 kg. It was much smaller then the 100 kg Becher that I have used at work. The 15 kg is small and handy and beat relatively hard. About 300 hit per minute keeps the iron hot for some time and much can be doen in one heat. Forging 25 mm round iron is no problem. 30mm square gets a little tough for the 15 kg Anyang. I sold the 15 kg after one year or so and got a 50 kg Demoor and later also a 40 kg Anyang. I have had some trip hammers. The works okay, but gives me a sense of a museum piece.. Not to be negative, but air hammers are more my thing. I have had several types of air hammers (dont know the exact number), old and new. Old is extremely heavy built and usually two piece. You can get new self-contained air hammers both one and two piece and I would probably gone for a two piece hammer. The to piece hammer can be mounted on a steel base like the one piece , so instalation is the same. Its great to have a seperated anvil that is heavy. Ram / anvil ratio 1/10 .
  3. Thanks for feedback. The dies is for hammers 15-75 kg . Flat , combi, fullering and crown dies. Im have a company making the dies for me. Here is the durability and quality that counts :) I made some dies myself some years ago of H13, Its hard to machine I must say.
  4. Im updating my hammers from C45. Any input on H13 vs S7?
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