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About a month ago, I decided to sell my xbox360. I set up a deal with a classmate. I would sell the whole system for 205 dollars. (About half the value)
On the night before the sell, I give the console a quick check to see if there was anything wrong with it. I had never had any problems before: It had run like a charm.
So I meet this guy in the morning. He asks before he takes it: Whats the warranty on this thing? I say: There is still 6 months left on the microsoft warranty. You can send it in for a free repair if you have any problems. The transaction is completed. He has my number in case anything comes up immediately.
First Week: Reports no problems, except for a button on the controller that sticks once in a while. In his own words: "Not a big deal I don't use that button anyway." We have a class together and that is when he mentioned it.
Second Week: No problems
Third Week: In class, he states: Your xbox is really loud and once when I moved it it scratched up the disc inside. I say that it is strange, but he does not pursue the conversation. Note that he has owned an exbox360 before, and understands what is normal and what is not.
So yesterday, 3 and a half weeks after his purchase, he calls me while I am at the computer. He says: "Luke, your xbox keeps ruining my cds and making a noise, and I just learned (note that he has had an xbox before) that thats not normal. I tell him to send it in for a repair. He hangs up.
Two Seconds Later: Calls me again. "No luke, im not gunna get something repaired that I payed money for. My dad thinks you scammed me and I want my money back. I say no way, I had told him the warranty was through microsoft, not me, and that it was working perfectly when I sold it to him.
Today, I get a text message: "Luke its not right for you to sell me a defective product. It was broken since day one. My parents are getting involved."

I am very stubborn. I do not intend to budge on this. Does anyone think that I am being too harsh? I have already spent most of the money, and would go into debt If i repaid him. If he had called me with problems the first couple of days, perhaps, but three weeks is to long, especially if he is saying it did not work since day one.

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If you honestly didnt have any problems with it and sold it in good working condition then it must be something he did to it to make it that way, i would not give a refund. I also agree that 3 weeks is quite a wile and you did tell him when he bought it that warranty is covered through microsoft and not you. You are not a retail store or microsoft, i would personally expect that it was a buy as is item and that is how i would treat it.

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your my age ehh.. roughly anyway..

anyway, don't worry about it.. I have a lot of experience dealing with people like that, and xbox's break a xxxx of alot, or so I've heard.. I'm not into game stuff mainly for that reason.
hit some steel, think it over, talk to his parents, and dont worry about it.. parent's can solve anything you cannot.. even just a friendly chat between yours and theirs would help alot.

I dont see why he wouldn't just send it in on the warrenty.. maybe if you offer to pay shipping.

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As you have described it, you sold as is, buyer was aware of FACTORY warranty remaining, no problems for three weeks. It is buyers remorse and the WalMart mentality that no matter what whoever sold this must fix it! Stand calmly, firmly confident that you have been above board and your friend now has an xbox that needs to be sent to the FACTORY for repairs. Even WalMart makes you send stuff back cause they don't warranty it.

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I agree with what has already been said. 3 weeks on an item like that is long enough that not a word should be said to you about problems. Whatever is allegedly wrong with it was probably caused by rough handling. If his parents call do your absolute best to remain calm and make your case completly clear to them, NO WARRANTY from previous owner! Good luck and if you lose a friend it would happen anyway about something else.

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