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Hammer-In at HJP's shop

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Hi everyone, 

While since I've posted on here. Last night was the Hammer-In at Hanz Phell's (HJP on the forum) shop. There were about 6 of us there, working on a quadruple firepot forge setup running on a single blower. There were four anvils, 2 power hammers, 2 sledge hammers, and lots of good times!! Sorry about the quality of the pics, i took them on my phone. This time around we were focusing on making tongs. Everyone did awesome at making them! I however probably drank too much coffee and ginger beer, and was running around a Peter Wright all night that had a half pancaked cupping tool in the hardie swinging a 10# sledge hammer. Ha-ha but it was an awesome night!! Thanks to Hanz for hosting us and everybody who made it! I also met Damastang for the first time from the forum, it's always pretty cool meeting someone from the forum. I think we managed to snap some more pics sometime during the night, but don't know if those people are on IFI.






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Hi Owen,
Yes it was a good night. I think you did a great job with the cupping tool from the big axle. How do your arms feel today?!
The tongs I made were pretty ordinary ... but as Hans said 'At least they would be good for extracting teeth.' The next set will be better. Learning experience.
I'm glad you got a picture of Hans' forge set-up with the four fire pots. That is a masterpiece of engineering.
Hope we have another hammer-in there soon - perhaps in the daytime now that the hot weather may be easing. Thanks for the night, Hans.

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