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New hammer eye tools


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Here are some hammer eye tools that I just finished grinding last night, Got some new belts for the 2x48 belt grinder and slicked them down... Hope to get to try them out soon...  I have another hammer eye drift that I did several years ago, which is a bit thinner.  These drifts are a bit thicker. All made out of S7 1 1/8" lathe drops, maybe 4-6" long.  I try to NEVER strike them with a forging hammer, I either use a cheap beater, or a copper, or brass hammer...





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Those look pretty slick and you could always weld a piece of mild steel to the striking end and maybe soften the blow but I'm sure you would have to preheat s7 before welding. I'm working on a 2 by 72 grinder at the moment to make grinding easier for myself also

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