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Quality of MOB/Peddinghaus hammers?


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I am just got into smithing a little over a year ago, and have lurked on these forums for a bit, but this is my first post.


I purchased a Peddinghaus hammer from Centaur Forge, and the handle was from Peddinghaus, and the head was stamped "MOB" and "made in France."


What is the consensus, among you guys, about the quality of MOB hammers? Good, bad (compared to other manufactured hammers, not something hand made, obviously).



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I have at least three Peddinghaus hand hammers and a cross pain sledge. I have not looked for or noticed any particular stamps apart from weight, but they have all been fine. The handles are quite thick relative to most British designed/made hammers that I have. German made for big hans perhaps… :)


I will look and see if any have the MOB mark on Monday.



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I've had a collection of the Pedd. hammers for about 25 years, they have held up very well.  They are almost too hard as they will ding even a very hard anvil face, I've drawn the temper back on the ones I lend out to beginners.  They come fairly roughly dressed and you can finish dress them to your taste.


IIRC MOB was/is a collection of tool making shops that all sell various items under the MOB label.  Someone please correct me if that's wrong.

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