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Maker and anvil type?

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Commonly called a 'bridge anvil' or 'oil field anvil'.  Usually mostly cast or ductile iron.  Found in the oil field areas around the country.  Many iron foundries made them.  Unless they are marked with a name, or someone recognizes it and knows the exact origin, it is virtually impossible to pinpoint a manufacturer.

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Actually that isn't an oilfield anvil, it is a bridge anvil. It is a large industrial anvil and is usually made out of solid steel rather than cast iron. They have a very clear ring when struck.  I have seen quite a few and they were made for heavy equipment work such as rail yards or ship building. Trenton made a number of them marketed under their Indian Chief name. Most weigh 750lbs or more. There are several near my home and I have been tempted to purchase one but really don't have the space. The oil field anvil is much shorter and is made out of cast iron but are usually pretty beat up when you find them. 


If you watch this video there are a couple of them in Fred Moore's collection - 

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That is an incredible collection and not a bad one in the whole lot. All are available. I contacted the guy linked in the comments section of that video when I was in the market for one. Prices were quite fair as well. I bet I hit that vid more than a hundred times. Makes ones mouth water. Every Bridge anvil I saw was quite pricey. I doubt however that someone could run off with it in the middle of the night. Chain your others to it lol.

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