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Any Parker gurus?


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I bought this at an auction without knowing what it was. It was completely covered in several layers of paint, but it looked so heavy that I thought I'd take it for $55. When I got it home, I gently chipped paint looking for model numbers. On the left side are two metal tags. One says 954-A, but the tag fell off with the paint and "974-A" is stamped underneath it. I looked at some old Parker catalogs on Google and 974 seems to be the swivel base vises, which this is not, so I'm confused. The other tag is from "Ohio Auto Parts Co.", which seems to have gone belly up in the 70's. Jaws are 4" and open 7". It seems like Parker vises had their model numbers in raised lettering, not stamped or on tags, so I'm wondering if this is a one off item made for Ohio Auto Parts to distribute and is not like the catalog Parkers.





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