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Propane supply newb question


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Ok I have a 500 gallon tank that supplies the house and cabin with heat, I've run a line to the shop to feed the forge from. The max pressure I can get from the tank is 12psi. Will this be enough pressure to obtain welding heat? I'm planning on using a atlas mini forge

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Woodweavil, the short answer is yes, maybe.  So much depends on the design and tuning of your forge that it is impossible to say with absolute certainty.  Having said that, i obtain welding heat with my homemade rig using about 7 psi.  Good luck, be careful, and have fun!



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Looks like you have your answer, lol. Presuer creats velocity to drow in air, the amount of gas goes up as a secondary future, witch preduces more heat. Idealy you want to tune your burners to preduce a nearly nutral enviroment at max heat, this may mean a smaller jet, larger jet, jut pushed farther in to or pulled out farther in the burner, or higher or lower presure.

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