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I Forge Iron

My Shop: After 25 odd years.


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The culmination of add-ons, rebuilds and renovations.


Not the biggest or the best but it kept the cupboards full and put my three daughters through university.


Without the longsuffering patience of my loyal wife of 38 years, none of this would have been realized. We toiled and sweated through the early years and then sweated and toiled through the latter ones too.


My shop has become that place where I retreat and relish being in the midst of all my 'stuff'










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Nice shop.  I wish I would catch the neatness bug.  If I did my vocabulary would instantly become less colorful.  Jobs would go much faster as the finding misplaced tool time would go down greatly, so would my blood pressure.  They say the key to a successful marriage is two phrases, "Yes Dear" and "I'm working on that".  I can honestly say I have been working on shop neatness and organization and I am getting better.  Your photos remind me I have a ways to go.

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It is for the very reasons  you site that I have tried to maintain a neat and clean shop. Also, I consult with interior decorators and clients who visit the shop and I believe the impression of the workspace influences the decision as to whether they part with their money to me or someone else.

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Valuing the process is important to keep the shop clean. Some people are good at the "cleaning frenzy", but have an awful time with the day to day picking up that prevents the need for the traumatic cleaning frenzy. If you clean up before a project, and clean up after a project... ie put away anything in the way, and setting out the tools you think you will need, and then putting them all where they go when you are done, things just stay cleaner. The other trick is to find a place for everything when it shows up in the shop the first time, that hopefully prevents every horizontal work surface from accumulating several layers of stuff in the way of getting anything done. The other wonderful discipline is to brush off the benches and tools, and sweep the floor at the end or beginning of the day. Get it clean, keep working, keep it clean, repeat;-) Ordnung, now if I could just do it;-) Easier said than done, but self discipline has wonderful rewards...

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