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Six dollars a pound!!

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My son who never misses anything spotted an anvil laying next to house. So I stopped in last night to see if they were willing to part with it. The little old lady of the house starts saying she had one of the local Mennoite's tell her not to sell it for less than six dollars a pound! She kept saying it was worth more to her for personal reasons. Not wanting to insult the lady I thanked her for her time and departed. I noticed this morning it was no longer in sight.

Details about the anvil:
The tip of the horn had a nice bend in it and one side was well worn close to an inch in the body in some spots. It had a mouse hole in the bottom.

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I had a local welding shop tell me that the rivet forge they have hidden upstairs above the steel rack was worth $ 4-500 because some folks want "original" things. I was merely inquiring because it appears to be in good shape. This is insanity ( and so is 6 bucks a pound for an anvil ). The real problem is that 2 fools and an auctioneer will decide and somebody will walk away happy. For the people that work hard to make a living at smithing, these prices are nuts. For folks starting out it will make for an atmosphere that they will seldom recover their initial investment. Scammers on EBay know the game and people pay the price.

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Gday all

I paid AUD$2.50 a pound for a 400 pounder, in near perfect condition, recently at auction. Yes its a lot of money, but cheaper than they want on Ebay for an anvil thats very well worn/broken. I know I'll get my money back if I ever want to sell it.

$6/pound sounds way to dear for something broken/damaged. Check out the prices of a new anvil then figure out what its really worth.

If you wait a bargin will come along.

Brisbane, Oz.

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If you put things into perspective most of us are paying more than that for bottled water,sodas,beer,etc. with a retention span of about two hours.
How long would you keep that anvil.
Not saying 6.00 a pound is reasonable.
The reason they are going for high prices on ebay is because people are willing to buy them ( thats not the sellers fault )
Im quite sure ive been thought of out of my mind for trying to get what I would like to have for some of my forged pieces.
There is no way that I would pay what some of the knife makers get for their knives but some people will .
And the knifemaker is probally griping about having to pay too much for his anvil.
All of us are a little crazy in our own little way in our own little worlds.

Mike Tanner

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Some people consider a pickup truck as a "tool", others consider it a status symbol. Guess which one is likely to pay more for their "ride".

If you want a servicable tool to get to work with, check out some of the more modern versions of anvils from one of the vendors that are easy to find on the web. If you buy a new anvil, you don't have to worry about condition, past abuse, or current value. If you want to be a collector (and there's certainly nothing wrong with being a collector), then be prepare to do your homework and compete with those who are prepare to pay unrealistic prices for their purchases.

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