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New hay budden!

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Picked this pretty girl up last night, it has a little torch damage in a couple spots but nothing major, great rebound and ring . I can't find any wright stamp on it but judging by it's deminsions I am guessing around 225, it's heavy enough it's uncomfortable to lift. I picked it up for 200 bucks and figured even with the damage it was a bargain , this is my first hay budden .

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Thanks guys for all the compliments, she has one little problem that kind of bothers me. First off let me say I am not a fan of doing any kind of welding or repairing on an anvil unless it is absolutely necessary. I believe that these old girls have earned their bumps and bruises , I call it character . But, on the face of the anvil right above the body there is a torch gouge, it is only 3/16 wide but it is 1/4" deep. I figured it up and there is roughly 38 square inches of working surface above the main mass of the anvil and my biggest forging hammer is only 4 square inches so there is plenty of space to work around the hole, I am just worried that with good steady use the hole may crack out of bust out even if it is avoided for the most part. So I'm not talking about repairing any edges or cosmetic blemishes those don't bother me , what are your thoughts on possibly TIG welding some took steel into that little 3/16" hole? With a proper pre and post heat of 400 degrees? It is my understanding that this hay budden has a solid tool steel upper half, so the hole may not be in any danger of busting out but you tell me? Thanks

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