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Alldays and Onions / Pilkington Power Hammer Specifications and Maintenance Manual

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For rawtiron and anybody else who might find them useful...

These are for the Alldays and Onions hammers but should be useful for the earlier Pilkington hammers as well.



This is the Plenum chamber / silencer I added to my 3cwt to reduce the chuff and the oily air being pumped into the atmosphere. Basically air intake and exhaust linked to a chamber with a baffled vent to atmosphere. The air goes backwards and forwards rather than through.






I did a similar-ish modification to the 1cwt Alldays and Onions as well routing the exhaust back into the crank case.






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I was worried that the quality would be compromised if I tried to post a larger file. jpegs seem to be so compressed by the uploading system that you cannot zoom in for detail. I have a .zip file with them all in but when I last tried to upload it the computer say no.

Maybe pm me with your email and I will send the .zip file as an attachment if you fancy doing it.



P.S. Actually thought I may as well try posting a combined version and see how it does, but thanks for the offer, I will take you up on it if this is no good!  :)

Alldays Manual and specification.pdf

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