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Guedelon Castle Build


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So I was flicking through the TV channels the other night and came across a BBC programme about a castle in France which is being built from scratch using the same techniques and materials as where used in the medieval ages. 


Some links below to the BBC iPlayer videos: (Not sure if they work outside of the UK)





And also to the castles website:




You can go and help them build it if it takes your fancy. 


They've got loads of crafts on site and of course they have their own blacksmith there doing blacksmithy things.








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It's been shown on one of the Discovery channels Bryan, you might be able to find it with a search. I started watching it a couple times but lose interest. Not faulting the program, I just faded. I remember a lot of urban myth "knowledge" related to the blacksmith work and it seemed barely an honorable mention in the program. Of course that being one of my main interests if the coverage of the smithing wasn't much it may be why my interest faded.


Frosty The Lucky.

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