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Repairing and taking care about vise (machinist)


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I hope i dont break rule i opened topic  about this vise but it was releated to haft.

Now i want to show all parts that i tryed to repair put sme grease etc. (First time in life bought grease to lubricate it :rolleyes:) .

First swivel base was disasembled.

I wanted to se what is hapening inside.

As you can see on picture this is how it how vise 


So let's go with explenations.

On  4. pictures in row you can see how swivel base was made and how it works with this screw.

On 5. picture  i have issue with jaws is this too much? Can this be fixed i dind't touch it i guess icould break it with hammer if i try to straighten it up.

6. picture show you how thread is secured so you can't basicly uthread thread couse it have one brake, that breake is this metal that is placed in hole located at thread. And it don't allow it to move. I removed that metal so i can put this thing out.

7 picture show wher is nut welded and how vise work thred go in there everything is fine with it.

8 ,9. I lubricated thread.

10  11.Show i  fixed issue with handle. Use one nail break it cap and break sharp spot off it than you can bend that nail and use it like haft stop.












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I have been told oil on the threads as you want to wash any dirt off the threads. Grease will hold the dirt and then act as sand paper on the threads.


The swivel should have the same oil.


The vise jaws can be covered with leather or rubber from a car hose etc. This will take up some of the misalignment.



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How to straigten it up?

To be in level you can see that one is higher it is my fault i tried some "acrobation" with metalo and i somehow make higher one jaw than other. Can  bicycle oil be used. What kind of oil i don't know.

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Do not adjust. Add leather or rubber to the jaws and use the vise. After a year or so you can always make modifications if they are needed.



The jaws on a post vise are NOT a perfect match due to the design of the vise. Small stock is shown in the top image where it grips the stock at the middle of the metal. Large stock shown in the bottom image grips the stock at the bottom of the metal.


You have a bench vise but the idea is similar.

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