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Unusual Tongs


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I came across some old tongs, something like  V Groove. they are unusual in that each half is completely different from the other. They're made of wrought iron from two of three pieces welded together.  


They give a super grip on a range and variety of shapes and sizes. 


The length of the V shaped portion (measured along the axis of the tongs) is about 5/8 inch. 

When you grip a piece of iron the V shape forces the iron flat against the opposite jaw. No wiggle, rotation or anything else. 


I don't want to mess these up so I'm making similar pair. 


Don't know if anyone has seen similar tongs. 


See attached images



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My old friend, Robert Owings, studied smithing for a while in Germany. On his way home, he drove through France where a country smith gave him a similar pair of tongs, because Robert admired them. The French style had a little right angle bend at the end of the narrow jaw, and the vee jaw was 90 degrees. I copied them as soon as I saw them...very versatile and handy.

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