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Ahoy good people! Its been awhile since I posted my junk.....So here it is! I was fortunate enough to score a 103# Hay Budden. A got it set tight and now that deafening ring is gone. I've made a no-weld spring fuller for it.




And a simple rebar hold down.





My 6 year wanted a sword. I'm not there yet, but with the tools I have and a rusty old crowbar; I made a big fancy butter knife. Its sharp as a bowling ball and wild looking enough to make a kid flip his lid. I smacked it with a ball pein, grinded, and torch patina'd it for a "spacey" look.







There is a talented new guy on here who showed a method of making a rams head from a spike. Mines not pretty, but I finally pulled it off. Without using a vice.




Last but not least. (Or maybe it is), a lazy mans tongs. I got the idea while making bacon. They are about 2 and a half feet long and actually work.




Thats it for now guys. I'm gonna pick up some good stock soon and try for some proper made, traditional wares. Until next time.


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