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Pedal vise question


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Today I bought a vise that free stands with four legs. The Pat. date is 1896. It works by pressing the pedal and the jaws close, release and they open. It looks very handy for hook production where you are twisting alot of pieces. I paid too much for it I know....but I have never saw another one for sale. Let me know if you have one and what you use it for

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I found this green river Foot vise last spring, it has an adjustable upsetting block that slides up or down, below a die block at the front of the vise body there, my best assesment was that they were designed for heading bolts, I use it for twisting a lot, handy for that but not handy for big stuff, jaws open less than 2", Some of the ones Ive seen like this sell on Ebay have gone very high, very curious, you say yours has 4 legs, Ive never seen that style before


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I'll try to get some pics of the vise soon. Mine is not made like the ebay vise. Mine has 2 legs that are wide in the front with the pedal between, the front legs come to a blunt point. The rear legs are close set with flats on the bottom. It has an adjustable jaw on the pedal side. The moving jaw has a large "C" shape for clearance under the jaw. The action is same type as the ebay vise.

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