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new bench drill

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Greetings Matto,


Great lookin bench top drill...  I have restored many post drills and use them a lot.  Enclosed pictures of 2 bench tops I made up for a friend to use when he does demos..  Great for kids to keep them busy..  Green one a cole ( my favorite ) mounted with an old pulley for a base..  The other is a Champion 108 top section with a custom mount .   Lots of fun...  Background a Champion just finished...


Forge on and make beautiful things




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Never thought about mounting one of my post drills that way. I like it. My demo one fits into a receiver on my table. I can't wait to get this one rebuilt. It is the first I have seen like it and the first in my collection.

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Vann I have about 12 post drills, 6 are restored 1 is my wife's great grandpas that is in to good of working condition to break it down and restore it. It is a canidy Otto new 16 from all I have found on it it is the biggest post drill they made in 1896. Then I have a couple buffalo a small canidy, a couple champions an acme a couple off brands or at least they are un marked. I will try and get pics of all of them this weekend.

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