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Some variations on the all-forged* folding knife


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While I really like the Huston style folding knife, it has a drawback - it's not very safe in the pocket.  So I set out to tinker with the design.


I originally thought I'd bind the blade to the frame with a permanent rivet, but ended up using a small machine screw and nut.



This one is made with a spring steel frame and blade.  The spring is an old McPherson Strut donated to me by one of my daughter's friends.  He ended up with the knife as a thank-you.post-9780-0-93027700-1402679069_thumb.jppost-9780-0-69844400-1402679098_thumb.jp


The next variation was made with a spring steel blade (toyota) and a mild steel handle.post-9780-0-85270900-1402679217_thumb.jp


This is inspired by a Chapman design, but I went through a number of prototypes before I had something I was happy with.




This is my every day carry knife.post-9780-0-92957200-1402679340_thumb.jp


The frame is made from the wire that holds up political signs - it's mild steel that welds nicely.  There's primary elections this month, and as I drive around town I tell my son that I live in a wonderful country where people deliver steel to my neighbor's yards.


I'm a noob when it comes to grinding blades, so a year from now I'll probably cringe when I see this blade, but it works for now.  Heat treated and quite sharp.

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There was just another post on this type under "Second folder...", which you may have read. We where discussing the safety issue a little, and what might be a way of making a locking blade.
I like your design, so its at least in a channel. Nice options and work!!
Great use of the "vote for me" signs! Makes them good for something! ;)

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This does snap open with a satisfying "snick" but it's not really a locking blade.  I rounded both corners of the blade to make it open easier - I'd leave it more square next time.


Next iteration of this will have a more shallow loop to prevent the possibility of sticking a finger through the loop whilst the blade is there.  It's not quite pocket safe, but compared to the original Huston folder design, it's an improvement.

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If you round the back of the blade just a wee little bit , and file a divot into the top for the handle to set in at the top, it will "lock" in place very nicely if the rivet or screw is tight enough.


Scratch that. On second look, you've already got the divot. Perhaps you just need to play with the position, the curve, and tighten the pivot point? They look lovely. Now I want to play with these again. :D

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Need. Forge. Time. Before I crack >.<

I like the twist, it looks good on this format and provides some extra grip. I think the wishbone approach may provide some more stability than the single sided hinge version, though a little more complicated

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