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Coolest 'Ribbon Burner' Ever!


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Hey everybody,


This is sort of off topic but it's the kind of stuff I find super interesting. I was watching youtube clips the other day, and came across this:



It's bascially a ribbon burner, which someone pumps sound through. The sound has an effect on air pressure which in turn has an effect on the flow, and therefore the flame. Hence, by playing with the sound, you can get cool visual flame effects.


Very cool! At least I thought so, but I'm kind of a geek for these physics things. I am in no way connected to Veritasium, the guys youtube channel, but for what it's worth, if you're into cool physics phenomenons, it is worth checking out. I hope it's cool for me to post up a youtube clip - I remember running into other youtube links on here in the past, but if I've broken any of the TOS then apologies in advance.


Unfortunately I don't think pumping sound through a ribbon burner has any practical blacksmithing use, but I thought it was cool to see a ribbon burner used elsewhere - apparently in the physics world a ribbon burner is called a 'rubens tube'. Perhaps those researching ribbon burners might be able to find useful information by incorporating ruben tubes into the search - who knows, maybe the physicists have already done some of the work for us!



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That is cool. The piercingly loud tones were more pain than interesting but when he started playing music it got really interesting. Personally I don't understand how anybody could say a blacksmith doesn't have a use for one of these. For example I have a couple decorative things in the shop, listen to music and enjoy varied colors. Why not dancing flames?


For public display these would be perfect to safely dispose of methane generated in land fills. When you drive past there are large gas flares burning around all of ours. Dancing flame mats would be sooooooo much better.


Frosty The Lucky.

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