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what use of these tools......

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Hello Guys !
There was an hammer-in last week-end in France, on a dealer table I could see this set of stamps .....
I know is for marking metal with hammer or power-hammer, but I have no idea of a finish object made with this tool, have you any examples????


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Those look a lot like some of the tools Hofi showed us one time, for use under the power hammer. I guess it is all about scale, but it looks to me like several fuller chisels, several round punches, and several round fullers. I really like the self locking tongs, and have been thinking of trying to make some. I scored a small pile of 4ish inch long 4340 in 5/8" round stock so a little too short to make a regular hand tool out of, but I could make a nice set of tongs to engage a set shoulder similar to what you're showing us and it'd probably work great. Fabien, give us an idea about the size of those pieces.

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hello !
for give you an idea of size tool, this stamp is near 1inch large......
no easy to use repousse tool under power-hammer....
if you find a picture work made with similar tool, I'm interested:rolleyes:

Photo removed as it was copyrighted material
Fabian if you own the copyright on this photo, please repost the image.
A similar image to the one removed has been posted.


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