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I Forge Iron

Multi-Part Poker (video)


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The video is clear and generously informative. There is nothing wrong either with the bucolic backgroud accompanying the ring of the anvil.


As Dave said, the poker is great.


Any one begining in the craft would be well advised to view the video especially with regards to the multiple techniques illustrated : welding (a good idea of what the iron looks like when it comes out of the forge to be welded), forging a tenon and setting it in place (what is the material you use on your vise?), etc..


I enjoyed it. I have an order for two pokers. One is forged with a classical french business end as appears in Lecoq's "Les Objets de la Vie Domestique". I have forged the handle of the second one but it sits on my working table while I decide wether to split the end to forge a two prong end or bend the 1/2" bar, weld it, split it and forge the prongs. I will do neither. I wil forge it like you did, hopefully as well. As to forging the hole in the bar, instead of punching like you did, I will slit and drift.


Thanks for the fine work.

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Nice! you made a top shelf piece there.  You have great hand skills. I will throw out a critique, feel quite free to disregard at your convenience. I feel you are losing efficiency by choking up on your hammer handle. I see you driving to the centre of the anvil, rather than whipping your wrist and letting the hammer rebound on its own. This may sound subtle, but when you turn 50, I feel your elbow will be tired. Can somebody chime in and try to quantify this move? Like I said, ignore me with pleasure. Nice welding, blending, and execution.


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