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Dropped 25# little giant when moving

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Take off  all the old pulley center it up in a lathe turn a shoulder to bolt a 2 groove v-belt pulley. I have fixed 2 this way it's a good fix

Do you still have a functioning clutch or does it change to a slip belt clutch?

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Got the old pulley welded on for $45. Dollars. Couldn't quite figure out where to get a pulley to put on after turning a shoulder.
The welder said it was good cast iron ,no sand in it .
If this breaks then I will pursue the other option of finding a pulley with 2 grooves to have machined on.
Yes, I am very fortunate to have only broken the pulley.
Will let you know how it works after installing.





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Roger Rice bought Little Giant from Sid S.  Some years ago Sid rebuilt my 25# Moloch.  It needed parts made and Roger fabricated them and Sid installed.


I'm currently looking at another mechanical hammer and emailed Roger.  He called me the next day.  Very nice fellow, does great work. 


When I was at their shop (some years ago) they had numerous hammers which I assume either were being considered for rebuilds or for parts.


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