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It is a high alumina refractory so should stand up to fluxes pretty well. I'd prefer more than 2,800f but it should be in welding range. You aren't thinking of welding stainless are you? If so all bets are off, I'm completely out of school forge welding stainless.


I can't give anything but an educated guess, I've never used it just read the data sheet. If the price is reasonable it's probably worth a try, it shouldn't be an utter failure even if not ideal.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Oh, and Frosty, I've seen you mention "Phosphate Bonded or high Phosphate" coatings in another post... I can't find what you are referring to... any name brands or such I can look for?


The last I looked AP Green had bought out Pyramid and since gone somewhere else. The stuff I used back when was "Pyramid Super, air set." A plastic/rammable refractory rated for a 4,500f ammonia atmosphere. 4,500f ammonia would do to steel what a phaser does to bad guys. It makes the base chemical composition of molten borax look like clean water by comparison. I used to have to scoop the molten borax out of my old pipe forge and never a mark on the refractory. That liner is a good 20 years old and it's still bullet proof.


Unfortunately getting it or something similar is one of those shipping will kill you things here. Back when the guys at E.J. Bartells told me there was better refractories and castables too. I sure wish I'd picked up a few bags. <sigh>


I make do with high alumina refractories and kiln washing with Zircopax and kaolin.


Frosty The Lucky.

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