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I'm working on a floor lamp and have a piece that tapers from 2" wide to about 10" wide over about 6'. It is 5/16" material. Id like to get it hot so I can hammer texture it and then form it into a curved shape. Most of it won't fit in my round gas forge so am looking for creative alternatives. I do have a bunch of the hard fire brick, was considering piling some to make a hearth and rough enclosure and then using a propane weed burner to get sections hot for texturing via hand hammer (no power yet...). As far as the final shaping, hot would be better but I can bump form it with a press and then probably a little tweaking with a big rosebud to fair out the curves. Will those weed burners get hot enough? I know my efficiency is going to suck, but that's OK for a limited project like this. I don't have a coal setup either.


Thoughts or suggestions?



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How industrial/rural is your area? You can do the trench with coals from a fire too if you don't have coal or coke. A blast helps but you might get away with a torn up HARDWOOD pallet or two. Stack pieces to allow for good airflow while burning so they combust at the same rate, reduce down to coals and insert your piece. If you want more heat supply some air. You don't need much. Hair dryer could work if you put a cover over the trench. Control your fire. Enjoy.

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