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I Forge Iron

my blacksmith projects

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:)This is my first blacksmith project a hook (first pic.). I built it about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Here is a set of tongs me & my friend(teacher) built i made 1 set he made the other(2nd & 3rd pics.).

And the finale pictures are of my great-gradpa`s forge .:)






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I`am making it from brake drum, free fittings,blower i bought from ebay( when it gets here i be abelive to start building it,pipe for the stand, 1/8 ''inch (dimond) plate to go around the brake drum. when i get done I`am aslo working on redoing a old shed for my blacksmith shop . I `ll probally make a rake, poker, shovel and ahanger for my tongs.

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I'd make a spike knife or just forge like your first initial and hist and then make like a necklace you hang up on wall or something with your first initials. then weld together or something and hang it up.

Spike knife sounds good & we could write our names on the blade
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